9 Great Virtual Team Building Ideas for Remote Teams, Part Two

A team at a happy hour.

If you’re fresh out of virtual team building ideas, we hear you.  Keeping up with virtual team building for all of this time has been no small undertaking, but it’s been hugely important. Because to put it bluntly, your virtual team wants, needs, and craves awesome virtual team build activities. While there are plenty of […]

A Rundown of Our Favorite Virtual Experiences

Girl smiling and waving at laptop

Cocktail classes, karaoke nights, and wellness retreats used to be events reserved for in-person meet ups. But with the global shift to all things WFH and virtual, we knew a dramatic shift was also needed when it came to doing the fun stuff as well.  That’s where our virtual experiences come into play. And they […]

After 30 Months of a Pandemic, How Can We Truly Improve Remote Working?

A cat sitting on a laptop while someone works remotely.

Remember the days when we thought WFH would be temporary? Haha, funny times.  Obviously, the whole pandemic thing stuck around a lot longer than any of us ever thought it would, and it led to tons of changes. Some of those biggest changes have to do with the way we work, and the prevalence of […]

More Than Pride Month: Creating LGBTQ Inclusion in the Workplace Year Round

A person in a suit wearing a rainbow wrist sweatband.

Pride Month is the ultimate time to pull out all of the stops to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace, and to make sure your team members feel loved, accepted, and appreciated. But creating LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace shouldn’t only be a one-month endeavor. Au contraire, it should be a 24/7/365 movement, which […]

Signs Your Org Can Benefit From Proper Corporate Team Building Activities

A corporate team bonding

We get it. The phrase “corporate team building” doesn’t exactly elicit fuzzy feelings in most people. But we think that corporate team building really gets a bad rap. Because truth be told, your team could probably really benefit from some really quality corporate team building, when it’s done right.  Think about it: while corporate team […]

10 Ways To Show Employee Appreciation All Year Long

A team expressing employee appreciation

If there’s anything your team deserves, it’s employee appreciation. Especially after the whirlwind two years we’ve had since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which has left us all burned out and with bigger workloads, we can assure you that your team is craving recognition.  Yes, there’s already a day dedicated to employee appreciation, but […]

Sip, Sip! What You’ll Learn in a Virtual Mixology Class

A hand pouring an orange cocktail as part of a virtual mixology lesson.

Ahh, cocktails. Sitting down with friends and coworkers over a great drink is one of the little things we enjoy the most, whether that drink has alcohol or not.  And while making expertly crafted cocktails might seem like a skill reserved for trained mixologists, there’s a way everyone can get in on the flavorful fun […]