Nothing brings people together quite like sharing a good laugh. Whether it’s a hilarious TV show or an inside joke between best buds, comedy can be deeply therapeutic, and can help people bond with one another. So if you’re looking for an incredible team bonding activity, we’d like to introduce you to our friend: virtual comedy shows.

Oh, you haven’t been to a virtual comedy show before? Allow us to introduce you to the concept. Basically, in the same way that just about anything can be done virtually now, comedy shows have also gone virtual.

And they are seriously tons of fun, when done right.

Virtual comedy shows allow everyone to join in on the laughter, no matter where they’re located. And when executed flawlessly, everyone will be having such a good time, your team will feel like they’re in the same room as each other.

Here’s why virtual comedy shows are a team build activity that will have everyone guffawing together, and why you should definitely put one on your team’s calendar.


The Perks of Puns

Whether you’re typically a frequenter of comedy shows or not, we can all agree that laughing is something we as humans universally enjoy. And it’s not just by coincidence: laughter actually is a proven stress-reliever, and has several other potential medical benefits, such as stimulating your organs (thanks to all that oxygen-rich air you’re intaking during laughs), and aiding in muscle relaxation.

There are many other possible perks from having a good chuckle, such as improvements to your immune system, and your mood overall. So yes, laughter can be a great form of medicine.

It makes sense that we all love laughing, and that laughing is even better when shared with friends and coworkers. And during the pandemic, when squads scattered and companies needed to learn the art of virtual team building, virtual comedy shows became an amazing option. 

With virtual comedy shows, anyone can attend, no matter where they’re located. This means that virtual teams have the opportunity to laugh together, bond together, and have a great time together, which is something we could all definitely use more of.


Long-Distance Laughs

You might be wondering if virtual comedy shows can deliver the same hilarious experience as an in-person comedy show. And we argue that for sure, it definitely can, but also that a virtual comedy show might be even better than its face-to-face counterpart (in some ways). Especially when it comes to team building.

Here’s the thing about comedy shows: anyone who’s been to them before knows that sitting in the audience, up close and personal with comedians, is an intimate experience.

When you’re cracking up and laughing so hard you have a stitch in your side, comedy shows are amazing.

But if you’re not feeling the laughs, it can be a rather awkward experience. 

Plus, most in-person comedy shows are not going to stick to office-friendly humor. Which can make for some ruffled feathers, and not in a good way.

Here’s where we start to see the benefits of virtual comedy shows. You get all of the perks, without any of the potential awkwardness. Especially when you know a virtual comedy show is going to get everyone laughing (here at Kabloom, we guarantee that our virtual comedians are going to have your team cracking up). 

And the best part? You don’t have to worry about getting your virtual team members out of the house, dealing with traffic and parking. Even team members from across the world can join in on the virtual fun. 

So if you think that virtual comedy shows won’t quite deliver like a standard comedy show, you’re definitely mistaken. And as the purveyor of many incredible virtual comedy shows, we’ve seen it with our own eyes: long-distance laughs are a real thing.


How It All Goes Down

How exactly does a virtual comedy show work, and how does it all go down? We’re so glad you asked.

First up, you have to choose your virtual comedian, or virtual comedy provider. For the workplace, it’s important to choose a virtual comedy provider that ensures the comedy is 100% HR-approved. For example, we only work with pros who have been performing corporate comedy for years, and who will sure to put on a hilarious workplace-friendly performance. 

(Keep in mind that comics who aren’t used to the corporate world have wildly different standards of what’s appropriate.)

Trust us, the last thing you want is a comedian who is divisive or just plain inappropriate for the workplace.

So how does it actually work? A virtual comedy show happens over Zoom or a similar platform, with talented and seasoned comedians MC-ing the event. In order to get the most out of your virtual comedy show experience, it’s important to let your team know that they won’t be taking a backseat during this performance.  One of the best things about virtual comedy shows is that they’re interactive; the comedians will get your team involved, will ask them questions, and will get them talking and sharing. 

During the show, your entertainer will perform an incredible act that is guaranteed to bring out smiles and create joy and laughter. 

One thing is for sure: virtual comedy shows are a great way to get teammates bonding, for them to find out what makes each other laugh, and to make sure everyone has a good time.


Virtual Comedy With Kabloom

As we mentioned, a big part of an awesome virtual comedy show in the workplace is making sure you choose the right comedian, one that will definitely get everyone cracking up, all with workplace-appropriate humor. 

This can be a bit tough on your own, as not every comedian is cut out for this type of humor. Plus, getting virtual attendees involved is a whole other undertaking.

But that’s where we come in. Hey, we’re Kabloom ? And we consider ourselves virtual team building event experts (yes, that’s a thing). That includes virtual comedy shows, which we’re proud to offer. We feature 2 comics per show, so there’s a good mix of comedy “flavors”. Everyone is bound to laugh. If they don’t, check in with your co-worker, okay?!

From your seasoned team members who haven’t been in person together for far too long, to your brand-new hires who you’ve never met IRL, everyone could use an incredible virtual team building activity. And we’ve found that virtual comedy shows are definitely the way to go. They get everyone laughing, bonding, and unwinding together, right from the comfort of their home office.

Ready to learn more about how our virtual comedy show can help your team have a hilarious time together? Reach out to us today to schedule a free demo call.