Can you believe it’s the holiday season? Yeah, we have trouble wrapping our heads around it too, but Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” doesn’t lie. And yes, the queen of winter is thawing as we speak. When we hear the anthem, we know it’s time for cups of hot chocolate, our favorite chunky knit sweaters, and the tastiest soups and pies. 

With the holiday season upon us, that means it’s time for you to start planning your absolutely epic virtual holiday party for your team.

We’ll be the ones to say it: virtual holiday parties are in, while standard tiresome corporate holiday parties are out. Your virtual or hybrid team needs a holiday party that fits their lifestyle, no matter where they’re located.

And after all they’ve been through in the past year, your team definitely is looking for a reason to celebrate. 

So if you’re the one tasked with planning your team’s virtual holiday party, congratulations, because everyone is going to be thrilled with the result at the end of the day. But from where you’re standing now, planning a virtual holiday might seem like a huge undertaking. Like, where do you even start?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

See, we here at Kabloom are virtual holiday party experts. In fact, we’ve literally helped hundreds of people just like yourself throw epic parties for their virtual teams. And we have good news for you. Throwing a virtual holiday party for your team is incredibly easy, especially with us by your side.

But in order to help you check all of the boxes and throw the virtual holiday party of your dreams, we came up with this little guide for you. Here’s your step-by-step guide to plan the most memorable virtual holiday party ever.

Decide on a virtual holiday party host

One of the first things when planning your virtual holiday party is to decide on a virtual holiday host. Sure, we might be a little biased, but we here at Kabloom know for a fact that we’re pioneers in this industry and just downright awesome. So while we’d love to work with you on your virtual holiday party, here are some things you should keep in mind when deciding who should organize your event:


  • Look for options: Not everyone is into the same thing, so with virtual holiday parties, we think it’s great to be able offer options for your team. That’s why we run our virtual holiday parties “festival style,” so employees can choose their own adventure. That means the hardest decision of their day will be whether to attend the virtual graffiti workshop or stand up comedy.
  • Make sure there are experts: When it comes to virtual activities, you want to make sure experts are at the helm. That means a tried-and-true mixologist will lead the DIY Cocktail Class, for example. 
  • The overall experience matters: It’s not just the event itself that needs to be well-run and expertly organized (although those things are majorly important). You want to make sure the overall experience is smooth like butter. That’s why we do things like make our parties tailored and exclusive to your team, and design a custom webpage for your event.

Try out a demo

When you’re working with us here at Kabloom, we want to make sure your booking process is easy and that all of your questions are answered. Once you request to book your party, we’ll set up a chat and demo with one of our hosts, who can walk you through what the event looks like. You can bring any key decision makers to the call, so that everyone is hyped for the event.

Easy as could be, right?

Lock in a time & date

Up next, it’s time to decide the ever-important question of when exactly your virtual holiday party should be. After your walk-through, we’ll follow up with more info, and our booking specialists will help you with scheduling and securing an online payment. 

Because the holiday season calendar can quickly fill up (for your team members as well as for your virtual party providers), you should lock in a date as early as you can.

How far out exactly should you book your holiday party? We recommend contacting us at least 4 weeks prior to your virtual holiday party, to get the time and date that you’re angling for.

Interested in booking a virtual holiday party with us today? It’s so simple. All you need to do is head over to this Book Now part of our website and fill out your information. One of our virtual party planning professionals will call you back ASAP.

Request your dream themes

One of the best parts about virtual party planning with a company like us is that you can totally customize which theme rooms your team gets to choose from. We already mentioned some of our favorites, but other awesome options include Virtual Karaoke, Magic Show, and Pub Trivia quiz. Your team members will be singing together, laughing together, and going head-to-head in some friendly competition.

Get your team amped up

There are plenty of perks to virtual teams, but easy connection is not typically one of them. You have to remember, your team members have been working from home for a long time now, and probably miss the feeling of actually having fun together. So why wait for the day of the virtual holiday party to bring a little holiday cheer into their lives? 

Instead, you can totally get your team excited for their virtual holiday party. Send out an email with all the deets, to make sure everyone has it on their calendar. Some of the team builders might ask your people to bring some things (such as the DIY Cocktail Class, but the ingredient list is basic and easy to find), so you’ll want to give them plenty of time to get prepared. 

Plus, you’ll be able to send your team their custom landing page for the event, that we’ll get set up for you. 

Decide if you want to send food and drinks to your people

One of the best parts of a company holiday party is, of course, the food and drinks. And just because your team is working from home doesn’t mean they should miss out. To make it super easy and to make sure everyone gets what they want, we always recommend using Hoppier.

They organize the food and the drinks, so you don’t even have to think about it, and everyone gets something they’re happy with. Cheers to that!

Celebrate with your team. Because all of you deserve it.

Finally, it’s the day of your awesome virtual holiday party! The day of the party, your host will meet everyone in the Home Room, will explain the event’s flow and Theme Rooms, then get the party started. 

Virtual holiday parties are absolutely the best way to celebrate the holiday season with your team, no matter where they’re located. And when it comes to virtual holiday parties, we here at Kabloom are truly the experts. Our fresh experiences will revitalize your team, and truly bring them together. Contact us today so we can curate the perfect experience for you and your team.