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Breath-Work Class

Does your team need a pick me up? Help them energize and create mental clarity with what’s known as the “caffeine of breathing exercises” — without the crash!

You’ll experience the invigorating power of the Breath of Joy for that much needed boost – great for first thing in the morning (or when you hit the inevitable mid-afternoon slump).

Whether you’re feeling sluggish from Zoom fatigue, or just a bit exhausted from hustling to hit deadlines, this 30 minute experience will have you and your team feeling refreshed and renewed!

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A breath of fresh air

Join the call and meet one of our experienced teachers, who will guide your team through qigong inspired exercises to warm up the body. 

Next you’ll learn a specific energizing breath technique, called the Breath of Joy, followed by a demonstration of simple movements. 

Together, these infuse the body with fresh oxygen that will detoxify the blood, calm the nervous system, and begin to charge your entire body with energy.

As we move and flow together with breath, the entire team will experience both a physical and mental energy boost

We find this practice always opens us up to more creativity, clarity, and motivation, especially as a pick me up during the afternoon lull. 

And being only 30 minutes, it’s the perfect activity when you don’t have the time to roll out your yoga mat or get that workout in.

To conclude, your facilitator will guide the team to find gentle stillness and return to a natural breath, and offer a moment of self reflection to each person as they bask in their newfound energy.

At the end of each session there will also be time for questions, sharing and enjoying the energetic quality of your practice!

Event Structure

Time Activity
5 minutes

Welcome and Overview

5 minutes
Qigong Inspired Exercises
15 minutes
Breath of Joy with Movement
5 Minutes
Conclude with Wrap Up Shares & Farewell
15 Minutes
Wellness Reflection / Co-Blooming (Optional)

Total: 30-45 Minutes

Co-Blooming Add-On

Co-Blooming is an extra 15 minutes following any wellness session, giving your team a chance to share and connect in small groups.

We’ve seen (and the studies back it up) how more time for connection = a happier, engaged team.

Even 15 minutes of chatting and socializing with coworkers results in a 20% increase in performance!

Read more about the activities and structure by clicking below.

About your hosts

Our virtual meditation class is hosted by a variety of facilitators, with years of experience and countless hours in training. 

They bring a grounded presence to all those they work with, and offers open, invitational guidance for participants of all levels. 

With a mission to make health, wellness, and mindfulness practical and approachable for teams, we offers the tools & resources to help folks feel empowered, comfortable, and confident in taking charge of their own well-being.

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Breathwork is a practice to balance the body and mind through the use of intentional breathing techniques done especially for relaxation, energy, or other therapeutic purposes. By consciously controlling the flow of breath, we can regulate our nervous system and calm our bodies, so that we can move through our days with more ease. 

Breathwork is a tool that can be used to either give a boost of energy when you’re feeling sluggish or to bring calm as you decompress from your workday.

When used specifically as a tool to cultivate more energy, breathwork can increase alertness, sharpen your focus, and give you stronger stamina to navigate your workday. 

It’s also great for your overall wellness – an energizing breathwork is also known to reduce stress, boost your immune system, strengthen the muscles of the chest, improve digestion, and increase your quality of sleep.

This is a wonderful add-on to round out your experience with deeper team connection.

Using breakout rooms to engage in smaller groups, we’ll present a reflection question or prompt (such as “What is one thing you’re grateful for today?” or “What was something you noticed during your walk?”) and give attendees a chance to share and connect with their teammates.

We thought you’d never ask! A 2017 study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology showed how intentional breathing could be one of the fastest ways to get relief, as it significantly lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol. 

Clinical psychologist and breathwork instructor Belisa Vranich, Ph.D, explains “We try all these different things for stress, but if you’re not breathing in a way that tells your nervous system that it’s time to relax, you won’t get there.” 

If you’re struggling to stay on task, breathwork may be key to paving the way for sharper focus. A 2018 study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition found that breath-focused yoga boosted the attention span in participants.

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