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Connect, Reflect, and Share

Invite deeper team connection and trust through this 15 minute add-on (can be run after any Wellness offering). 

During Co-Blooming, your team will have a chance to reflect and share about their experience together and in small groups. 

Bloom where you’re planted

Co-Blooming rounds out any Kabloom Wellness experience with deeper team connection. Using breakout rooms to engage in small groups, we’ll present a reflection question or prompt (such as “How did it feel to pause in your workday and make time for yourself?” or “What was something you noticed during your practice today that is new or promising?”) and give attendees a chance to share and connect with their teammates.

These prompts often follow the mindfulness tool of “Bud-Thorn-Bloom”, which encourages participants to reflect about what is going well, what is currently challenging them, and what has them feeling hopeful.

Though it’s a 15 quick minutes, this add-on is a meaningful pause amidst the busy work day that can lead to valuable insights and even breakthroughs!

“What do we need for this?”
Participants will need to unmute so they can chat, and we recommend a notebook/journal to write down thoughts, or simply the notes app on their phone.


Time Activity
4 minutes

Reflection Questions / Self Inquiry / Journaling

6 minutes
Breakout: Share Reflections/Insights In Small Groups
5 minutes
Conclude With Wrap Up, Sharing, Takeaways & Farewell

Total: 15 Minutes

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