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Dear reader, we can tell that you care about bringing your virtual team together.

And that is freakin’ awesome – and so needed right now. None of us expected to become remote employees for so long. The truth is, your team misses seeing and laughing with their coworkers (even if they did get to relocate to a cheaper city).

Now at this point, you’ve probably done the “obvious” virtual team events: the online escape room, the virtual happy hour, the remote trivia night. (No shade — these are all great too, but most teams have been there, done that.) 

Which is why you’re here now…

Meaningful experiences that bring your team together

Look, there’s no shortage of out-of-work entertainers who could jump onto Zoom and juggle in front of your team. But does that really make your team feel any closer? Eh…not really.

What we’ve designed are experiences that emphasize team bonding – but not in a cheesy way. Like a hands-on graffiti workshop led by a world-class street artist, where you’ll get to show off your drawing skills and encourage your teammates.

Or a stand-up comedy show, where everyone gets involved. Or a competitive pub quiz with the most hilarious host in London. Or high-energy karaoke with a serious diva as your MC. You get the idea. These are experiences focused on your team — with time to talk, perform, and hang out.

Sorry, we didn’t introduce ourselves! We're Kabloom, the virtual team building experts

We are a team of funky artists and creatives (actors, comics, musicians, drag queens) with ridiculously awesome facilitation skills for virtual events. We’re diverse and charismatic, and bring a fresh vibe to remote teams that need to laugh and connect!

Since 2012, we have been trusted by the world’s top tech companies to lead team building events. And now it’s your turn to make magic happen for your team.

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