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Hispanic Heritage Month Hosts

Kabloom Team Events offers a variety of virtual and hybrid events for corporate teams, including our DEI events.

For September-October, we’ll be running Hispanic Heritage Month events and are seeking energetic and passionate facilitators to lead these for our corporate clients!

These are education-focused events, with the goal of teaching teams about cultures that they may not know much about. Our goal is that teams are enlightened, and feel safe to ask questions and learn together in a supportive environment.

The event will be a mix of culture, education, and fun entertainment with team connection built in. We will work with you to create the format (you’ll be paid for this time).

Events take place on Zoom and last 75 minutes.

The ideal candidate…

  • Is an experienced educator
  • Has a passion for, and deep understanding of, Latinx history and culture
  • Is great with tech and comfortable using Zoom
  • Has an engaging and energetic stage presence
  • Is adaptable and flexible with changes when things don’t go as expected
  • Is open to constructive feedback and up-levels
  • Understands how to ‘read the room’ and the dynamics of corporate culture
  • Has reliable, high-speed internet with a quality webcam

Pay and Status

This is an independent contractor, paid position, with plenty of flexibility for your other work and projects. You will have the opportunity to accept or decline all events before being booked.

Shifts pay $250 per 75 min session (+ setup and short post-event report), and training is paid too.

We also donate a percentage of proceeds to a 501(c)3 nonprofit of your choice!

As the face of Kabloom for these events, it is your duty to exemplify our fun and playful brand, bringing entertainment and authentic passion.

Is this you?

Kabloom is an artist-owned company, and our mission is to provide team-building experiences that foster play, purpose and belonging in the workplace. We exist to help employees love where they work, and who they work with!

👆 Apply with the above link 👆

If it feels like a good fit, we’ll be in touch about next steps 😀

Shifts pay a flat $250 for 75 minute events.

After you apply (see application above), we’ll read through and see if it feels like a fit.

If so, we’ll jump on a Zoom call with you, answer any questions you have, and then set up paid training!

Paid training will be required. We can share our scripts from past years, but are open to you bringing your expertise and knowledge too.

You’ll be paired with a Kabloom host, and together join the call 15 minutes early to tech check.

Then the host will open the room, play music, and get the group warmed up before introducing you.

You’ll run the show from there, with presentation, stories and interactive elements, which we’ll help you create!

Afterward, you’ll fill out a brief report, and you get paid every 2 weeks!

We’ll set up a shared Google Calendar where you can block out times that you’re not available.

We’ll only book you for times that you’re free in your calendar, and you will receive an email confirmation for each shift.

Once the client pays, you are locked in and are expected to hold the date!

It depends on bookings, but we are already getting lots of interest, and are doing a big push for this!

We expect at least 4-6 shifts per host during the month.

These will be during US business hours (9am-4pm PT).

You’re not expected to work earlier or later than is comfortable — that’s why we’re hiring hosts in a variety of time zones 🙂