Kabloom Wellness Host Position

Zoom Yoga Class

Kabloom Team Events offers a variety of virtual and hybrid events for corporate teams, including our Health & Wellness events.

These are highly curated and expert-led holistic classes that revolve around the well-being of both mind and body in order to offer our clients a way to cultivate a strong work-life balance.

These innovative and accessible virtual self-care and wellness classes include meditation, breathwork, mat yoga, desk yoga, and an audio-only guided walk.

We are currently seeking out amazing, motivated, and high energy wellness instructors to lead these classes to our corporate clients.

If you are an experienced yoga teacher and/or wellness facilitator who wants to further develop your own teaching, practice, and career while sharing wellness with corporate teams then we’d like to hear from you!

We are on a mission to help reduce burnout and support employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Our H&W offerings focus on helping remote team members work towards optimal health with a better approach to corporate wellness.

If this sounds like an aligned position for you, please continue reading for more information!

Job Description:
  • The ideal candidate is an experienced charismatic teacher, a self-starter, and a natural energetic connector.
  • Delivers engaging and empowering yoga and/or wellness classes to ensure clients are satisfied with their experience and remain motivated to attain their personal goals.
  • Listens to clients, answers questions, and engages in conversations with participants before and after classes.
  • Leads inspiring and educational classes.
  • Practices & teaches safe postures.
  • Has a broad vocabulary and is non scripted.
  • Experienced with Zoom facilitation
  • Adaptable and flexible with changes on the fly when things don’t go as expected
  • Ability to provide modifications for those with varying needs and abilities
  • Facilitates with a trauma-awareness
  • Open to constructive feedback and up-levels
  • Understands how to ‘read the room’ and the dynamic of corporate culture (for ex. centering around approachable mindfulness vs. deep spirituality)
Note: All Kabloom wellness facilitators must be Independent Certified Wellness Instructors or a Certified Yoga Business, and carry active Liability Insurance for virtual events.
We are looking for specialists in the following areas:
We’re currently looking for both yoga instructors (mat and desk) as well as a certified wellness facilitator for our non-yoga wellness classes. [Note that ideally we want all wellness facilitators to be trained in yoga.]
Instructors will lead live Zoom based virtual events in the modalities in which they are trained. These may be one-off events per client, or recurring as part of a series or subscription package.
For Yoga: Facilitators will be given an example sequence and outline but will have creative freedom to create their own sequences and classes.
For Meditation, Breathwork, & Guided Audio Walk: Facilitators will be given a complete script to follow. Modifications can be made if needed.
Co-Blooming: This is a 15 minute add-on to any wellness event that encourages self reflection and small group sharing. As the facilitator you will offer prompts for reflection before putting participants into breakout rooms to share on their own, and then guiding a final group reflection all together.
This is an independent contractor, paid position, with plenty of flexibility for your other work and projects. You will have the opportunity to accept or decline all events before being booked.
  • Yoga (45 mins): $85 + tip
  • Yoga + CoBlooming (60 mins): $100 + tip
  • All other Wellness events (30-45 mins): $100 + tip
    • Event only: 30 mins
    • Event + CoBlooming: 45 mins
To Apply:
If this sounds like a great fit, we’d love to hear from you! Please reply to this email with:
  • A few sentences about your background, training, and experience
  • Experience level & comfort with Zoom facilitation
  • Recorded video of you facilitating yoga and/or another modality of interest (15-20 mins)
    • The video does not need to be continuous if you have multiple modalities to share, but at a minimum we do need to see a 10-15 minute yoga sequence.
    • This can be pre-recorded from a previous corporate class or something you create for us specifically with our client in mind
Deadline to apply: Tues. Aug. 16th, 2022
Thank you! We look forward to bringing your skills & talents to our Kabloom Team!

👆 Apply with the above link 👆

If it feels like a good fit, we’ll be in touch about next steps 😀

  • Yoga (45 mins): $85 + tip
  • Yoga + Co-Blooming (60 mins): $100 + tip
  • All other Wellness events (30-45 mins): $100 + tip
    • Event only: 30 mins
    • Event + Co-Blooming: 45 mins

After you apply (see application above), we’ll read through and see if it feels like a fit.

If so, we’ll jump on a Zoom call with you, answer any questions you have, and then have you lead a mini practice session with our internal team.

If all goes well, we’ll then move into paid training!

Paid training will be required. We will share our scripts depending on the event, but are open to you bringing your expertise and knowledge too.

You’ll join the call 15 minutes early to tech check.

You’ll open the room with music playing, and get the group warmed up before introducing the experience.

Afterward, you’ll fill out a brief report, and you get paid every 2 weeks!

We’ll set up a shared Google Calendar where you can block out times that you’re not available.

We’ll only book you for times that you’re free in your calendar, and you will receive an email confirmation for each shift.

Once the client pays, you are locked in and are expected to hold the date!

It may be slow to start while we continue to ramp up our wellness offerings. Being a new program we can’t guarantee a certain number of events, but we’re estimating 1 shift per month to start.

These will typically be during US business hours (9am-4pm PT). If you have flexibility to go earlier or later, that’s great.

You’re not expected to work earlier or later than is comfortable — that’s why we’re hiring hosts in a variety of time zones 🙂