Meditation For Teams

Slow down for a moment, and experience the powerful practice of mindfulness through meditation.

This easy-to-follow guided practice will help your team members reduce stress in the workplace, find focus & clarity, and feel empowered in their personal well-being.


A small investment in mental health can have huge benefits for your team.

Our virtual guided meditation class is perfect for supporting your team’s wellbeing. This session is designed to help improve productivity, eliminate distractions, boost mental-wellbeing, and reduce anxiety in the workplace.

Kabloom meditation is a great option to equip your team with the tools and resources to help them combat stress, overcome overwhelm, and cultivate a healthy work environment.

This works well as an addition to your existing Health & Wellness program, or a perfect first offering for starting one.

It’s a short and sweet session that offers a gentle opportunity to ground the body and soothe the soul!

Event Overview

From wherever in the world your employees are, they can experience spaciousness in the midst of their busy day with virtual guided meditation.

This offering is designed to help your team tune into the present moment, bring focus and clarity, and cultivate mindfulness and ease throughout the workday.

Once you log on, your team will meet one of our experienced teachers, and learn some basic principles for meaningful meditation.

Then, you’ll be guided through an accessible, calming meditation practice that can be done anywhere comfortable, whether at your desk or in a quiet spot at home.

You don’t have to be “good” at meditation or have any previous experience – this class is designed to be accessible to people of all levels and abilities.

To conclude, your facilitator will bring folks slowly back with focused breath awareness, and gentle guidance to allow each person to emerge in their own time.

At the end of each session there will be time for reflections, questions, and enjoying the afterglow of your practice!

Optional 15 minute “Co-Blooming” This uses breakouts to connect in smaller groups. We’ll present a reflection question or prompt (such as “What is one thing you’re grateful for today?”) and give attendees a chance to share and connect with their teammates.


Time Activity
8 minutes

Welcome and Overview

15 minutes
Guided Meditation
7 minutes
Conclude with Wrap Up, Sharing & Farewell
15 Minutes
Wellness Reflection / Co-Blooming (Optional)

Total: 30-45 Minutes


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About your hosts

Our virtual meditation class is hosted by a variety of facilitators, with years of experience and countless hours in training. 

They bring a grounded presence to all those they work with, and offers open, invitational guidance for participants of all levels. 

With a mission to make health, wellness, and mindfulness practical and approachable for teams, we offers the tools & resources to help folks feel empowered, comfortable, and confident in taking charge of their own well-being.

More on the benefits of meditation...

Meditation isn’t just of great benefit for your employees’ mental and emotional wellbeing, but also that of your company. One study found that consistent meditation by employees over a 6 month period increased productivity by 120%, reduced absenteeism by 85%, and rose profits by a massive 520%.

A 2018 study led by the University of California, Davis, Center for Mind and Brain, revealed that meditation can improve cognition, which supports the brain’s problem-solving and decision-making strategies, ability to sustain attention, critical thinking, and crisis management.  Even seven years later these benefits were still present in the follow up study

Another US Davis study confirmed the power of only a few weeks of meditation, when participants saw decreased levels of cortisol, one of the leading stress hormones and results of burnout. This is great news for those with minimal time to invest, as the results can be instantaneous and long lasting. 

See What People Think...

Have Questions?

All you need to do is join the call from a quiet, distraction-free space, and our facilitator will take it from there!

This is a 15-minute add-on for those looking to talk and connect deeper after the meditation.

Our meditation class itself doesn’t include much time for  interaction, as it’s designed to be an introspective, quiet experience.

For Co-Blooming, we’ll conclude the meditation, then share a reflection question (like “What is one thing you’re grateful for today?”), and your team will answer in small breakout groups.

We’ve made this both for teams that have established wellness programs, and those who are just beginning mindfulness offerings for their team.

The experience is accessible for all, and allows folks to have a deep and rejuvenating meditation in a brief time.

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