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New Year Kickoff

A New Year Kickoff event for companies and large teams. Host a kickoff party that feels more like a festival than a Zoom call, with a variety of theme rooms for attendees to choose from. Give your employees a chance to celebrate their accomplishments, set goals, and toast to the New Year!

We get it...

Standard sales kickoffs can be a bit of a snooze-fest.

And since you’re here, you’re probably looking to plan a next-level virtual kickoff event that’s engaging, inclusive, and truly fun for everyone.

Kabloom can help 😊

And the best part? You won’t have to break a sweat managing it all yourself. Just choose your experiences, group size, and date and time – and we’ll do the heavy lifting!

What's "Festival Format" Mean?

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We’ve designed a festival-style online party, where everyone can choose-their-own-adventure. With multiple facilitators running a variety of fun themed rooms,  you can make sure there’s a little something for everyone!

Recommended Theme Rooms

Event Structure

Time Activity
15 -30 minutes
Home Room (welcome, ice breakers, short speech from an exec)
45 minutes
Session A - Theme Rooms (Home Room stays open)
5 minutes
45 Minutes
Session B - Theme Rooms (Home Room stays open)
10 Minutes
Wrap-up & Farewell

Duration: 2 - 2.25 Hours

Let's Party!

It’s safe to say remote work is here to stay… but the boredom doesn’t need to be.

With Kabloom, you can bring your people together, build genuine camaraderie, and celebrate the new year in style!

All of our hosts are thoroughly vetted (and Zoom-savvy) party professionals from around the world. Let’s get in touch.

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Have Questions?

Our Party In A Box comes in at a $1200 minimum to book – which accommodates up to 30 attendees.

Past 30: it’s $40 a person. There are also price breaks as the group size increases.

Discounts are also available for multiple bookings, non-profits, and universities!

You can jump in and enjoy the party with zero supplies needed!

If you get a Cocktail Class though, we highly recommend having your attendees purchase ingredients ahead of time – though the experience is enjoyable without or without.

Our Graffiti Workshop and Magic Show also come with optional add-ons that you can purchase and send out to enhance the experience.

Sure! The default length for this event is 120 minutes, but you can also run at 60, 75 or 90 minutes.

Just submit a contact form and one of our Account Managers will reach out help you customize your event’s schedule.

This event is great for larger teams, departments, and companies looking to bring everyone together for the New Year.

It can be enjoyed with anywhere from 30 attendees, to 500 and up.

Our Party in a Box is an extremely scalable way to host a virtual event – so there’s basically no cap on the group size!

  1. Chat with an Account Manager by booking a demo, or requesting more info.
  2. Select your Theme Rooms, Estimated Group Size, and Date and Time.
  3. We’ll put a hold on that date and time, and send out an invoice for the number of people you’re certain will attend. 
  4. Once paid: our Event Coordinator will send you all the details for your event (like calendar invites, a landing page like this one, and Zoom links).
  5. Sit back and enjoy the show!

If the number of attendees exceeds the number paid for, we’ll send you a post-event invoice to cover any overflow.

We don’t handle any shipping of food and beverages.

For the cocktail class: we’ll send you a list of ingredients to send to your attendees.

We can also share some resources for services that do ship food and beverages out.

Not sure? See it in action.

Book a demo with one of our Account Managers for a walkthrough of all your options – and we’ll help you plan an awesome event!