Virtual Graffiti Workshop

A hands-on masterclass with a street art legend

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How it Works

This dynamic experience is an online graffiti history lesson, virtual street art tour, and a hands-on graffiti masterclass with a renowned street artist and educator!

It’s perfect for creative teams — or those who could use a little more creativity! There are moments of interaction throughout, using breakouts, a Q&A with the artist, and a general “conversational” tone throughout.

Your team will leave inspired, having learned about art and showcasing their own creativity as a team.

We donate 10% of proceeds to youth arts nonprofits — ask your host which organization he’s chosen for your session.

Tell Me More…

Your team joins the Zoom call and comes face to face with a prolific, legendary street artist. (If you’re lucky, he’ll share his tagging name — not many people know his identity.)

He’ll ask questions and warm up the group, show off some of his stunning murals, and take you on a crash course through the history of graffiti‘s hip hop roots in New York City, and how it’s spread into an international arts phenomenon today.

Then, pull out your markers and paper, so you can follow along and develop your own tagging handstyle and signature.

Your artist will use an iPad and screen share, so you can follow along with him, line-by-line, as he creates various tags, then develops those into pieces (more complex, multi-colored 3D letters).

Everyone gets to show off their handiwork, give each other props, and even get feedback and inspiration from the artist directly! How cool is that?

Your team will leave with a newfound appreciation for street art, plus their own work to hang up in the home office!

Standard Structure

Time Activity
10 Minutes
Opening and meet your artist
8 Minutes
Warm Up: draw your first tag
7 Minutes
Breakout: what do you know about graffiti?
6 Minutes
Your artist’s story, Q&A
10 Minutes
Graffiti History 101
12 Minutes
Workshop: Tagging
12 Minutes
Workshop: Piecing
5 Minutes
Breakout: sharing your work
5 Minutes
Wrap up and takeaway reflections
Total: 75 Minutes

Alright…so you join the call. Old skool hip-hop is bumping, and a graf artist is welcoming everyone in.

He calls on folks to say hey as the room fills up, then kicks it off and tells everyone a bit about himself, and what we’ll be doing.

He’ll open up the space with an easy question that gets everyone involved: what do you know about graffiti? In small breakout groups, share what you know — whether it’s just the name Banksy or Basquiat, or perhaps you went on a graffiti tour of Sao Paulo, Melbourne or Berlin.

Next, it’s time to get those fingers drawing! Your host will show off how he approaches designing a “tag” using his iPad, so it’s easy for all to see and follow along.

You’ll draw with him, line-by-line, and get comfortable with this new handstyle.

Then you’ll learn more about your instructor, with an engaging presentation that shows off his incredible style and development as an artist.

There’s time for a Q&A here, because everyone wants to ask questions like “How long did that piece take?” “Have you ever been arrested?” “Do you know Banksy?” (Answers: 3 weeks; No comment; No comment)

He’ll take you through an engaging history of graffiti art too. There are competing narratives, but it’s known that a kid in Philadelphia in the 60’s named Cornbread helped pioneer tagging. 

At the same time, TAKI 183 and others began subway tagging in New York City, which quickly grew from rudimentary names to larger, more complex, multi colored pieces over the 70’s and 80’s. From there, the art form started spreading, and graffiti spawned what we today call “street art.”

Now it’s time to pick those pens back up. Armed with more knowledge and inspiration, you’ll choose a tagging identity and develop your own signature. 

We’ll show those off, then expand on them to create your own “piece,” including some graffiti go-tos like drop shadows, arrows or a halo. This will be your piece to tape up behind the desk! 

To wrap up, the artist will facilitate a closing conversation, where your team can share their favorite moments, takeaways and reflections!

We sometimes get asked about this. Cultural appropriation is the use of objects/elements of a non-dominant culture in a way that doesn’t respect their original meaning/usage, give credit, reinforces stereotypes, or otherwise contributes to oppression.

In this workshop, we’ll highlight graffiti writers that span the history of American graffiti culture, across different backgrounds (including Black and Latinx youth like Cornbread, Phase 2 and Seen, Greek teenager TAKI 183, and other white artists like Tracy 168 and Keith Haring).

We work with two established graffiti artists on this workshop, both of whom are intimately connected to graffiti culture, and who are respected in their scenes as 30-year artists.

We’ll have a cohost on the session to help facilitate, and prioritize our Black team members for this role, as representation matters for this event.

Finally, 10% of the cost of this experience goes directly to 501c3 non-profit orgs that directly support and empower people within similar socio-economic conditions as many of the graffiti artists whose work established this form and culture, including AHC Oakland, Mural Arts Philadelphia, and What’s Your Passion?

In the context of our event, the history portion is relatively succinct (about 10 of the total 90 minutes). We want to give enough context and highlight some significant artists, but ultimately this event is centered on drawing, self-expression, and sharing your creativity with the team!

Our aim is to open everyone’s eyes to see graffiti through an informed, compassionate and artistically engaged lens, forever transforming what you see as you walk down the street.

Not much! All that’s needed is a marker (like a Sharpie) and some blank paper. Bonus points if you bring multiple colors. Or, if you want to spoil your team, you can order them an official graffiti marker and notebook.

Sure, we can run the Graffiti Workshop anywhere from 45-90 minutes.

We really recommend the full 90 minutes if you have the time (especially if you’re only doing team events quarterly), as it allows more chances for everyone to share, connect and learn!

It’s popular across the board! We recommend the Graffiti Workshop for creative teams, designers, copywriters, who appreciate the artistic component.

Engineers and more introverted types like this one a lot too, as it’s a bit more chill and low-involvement than the Karaoke Club or Virtual Vacation.

We do! You’ll find that our pricing is already competitive, and there are sadly not many companies doing what we do (meaningful team building that develops team psychological safety, and is just plain fun).

We have discounts for return clients, nonprofits, groups of 50+, and universities. Let us know if budget is a concern for you, and we’ll see what we can do.

Once you send in a request, we’ll reach out within 1 business day to help you via email!

Our booking specialist will answer any questions and assist with scheduling and secure online payment.

We’ll be in touch leading up to the event, and share a Zoom link that you just send to your team (however you normally invite them to events).

On the day of, show up ready for fun, and our host will take it from there!

First and foremost, you’re supporting a working graffiti artist and muralist, whom we pay well for their time and expertise! 

We also recognize the importance of giving back to communities who have been disproportionately criminalized around graffiti, which is why we donate 10% of proceeds from this experience to inner-city youth arts nonprofits, including AHC Oakland, Mural Arts Philadelphia, and What’s Your Passion?

Yes! Our graffiti artist in Brooklyn creates awesome graffiti wall decals (view examples here).

He will hand-draw your company name in a graffiti style, color it in, and print onto high-quality vinyl for each of your team members. These will then be shipped directly to each person in poster tubes!

These are awesome mementos for the session, and a fun way to reward your team.

The size is 16″x24″, they install in minutes, and can be removed and reapplied to another location easily. 

Sure! Our pricing starts at $30 USD/person + gratuity, with a $500 minimum.

There are discounts for teams of 50+, nonprofits, and return clients 😊 

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