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Welcome to the best snow day ever. No school, just games and fun. (You’re welcome to show up in your PJs with a big mug of hot cocoa.)

Snow Day is a wholesome, dynamic holiday party with games, trivia, and meaningful connection with your team.

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A quick overview​

First, we’ll begin in a log cabin, ideally with your mug of hot cocoa.

We’ll all go and find an item laying around the house to decorate your Zoom and get even more festive, like a candle or a beanie, then in small breakout groups we’ll share what our ideal snow day would be as a kid (like playing video games in your PJ’s and eating pancakes before going sledding).

Now that we’ve set the scene, we’ll play holiday trivia, which gets everyone competing and laughing in teams, with zany questions that aren’t Christmas specific, but have something for everyone.

And what’s a snow day without some board games? Up next are our favorite easy-to-play games, with a cozy and warm vibe throughout.

Finally, we’ll share what you’re looking forward to this holiday season, something about your year that you’re grateful for, and you can shout out team members you want to appreciate.

With that, our time wraps up, with plenty of fuzzy feelings for all! Perfect for a team looking to end the year on a positive note.

So let’s chat and bring you the best snow day ever!

Event Structure

Time Activity
10 minutes

Welcome to the cabin, get cozy!

5 Minutes
Quick decorations to be more festive
5 Minutes
Breakout: What would your ideal snow day as a kid be?
15 Minutes
Holiday Trivia in teams
10 Minutes
Our favorite easy-to-play games
10 Minutes
Shares: What you're looking forward to, and team gratitude
5 Minutes
Reflections + wrap up

Total: 60 Minutes

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Nope! Cozy outfits and hot cocoa are encouraged, but all you need to do is join the call, and our amazing host will take it from there, handling all the tech of moving your team into breakout groups as needed.

The default length for this event is 60 minutes, but we can run it as a shorter session too.

Team who are already tight-knit love this chance to reflect and connect. Teams who don’t chat and have meaningful time together love and appreciate this too! 😊

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