Build a company and compete in teams to launch & scale your startup the fastest.

Let's Begin!


In teams, you’ll take an idea from its inception to a (hopefully) successful startup!

How to Win:

  • Each startup begins with $2M.
  • Compete in activities to win cash.
  • Each round we’ll run a poll to vote on winners. The more votes you get, the more cash your startup earns. Each vote equates to $1M in the “Cash” column.


The team that finishes the game with the most Cash wins the gold! 🏆

Round 1

Idea & Team

To-Do List

  1. Choose an Idea from the list below

  2. Come up with your Startup’s Name

  3. Assign Roles for each team member

  4. Add all of these to your startup’s row on the Scoreboard

Bonus: Come up with new titles (ex. “Chief Meme Lord”, “Sales Wizard”)


Tip: Have someone keep this page open so they can read the instructions out loud when needed

Choose An Idea

  • The Uber of space travel
  • An extreme sports league for the elderly
  • An energy drink in popsicle form
  • A robot-operated fast food restaurant
  • A squirrel-proof bird feeder
  • A dating app for pets
  • A Segway for off-roading
  • A VR potty-training app
  • Windshield wipers for your glasses
  • A social media app for baby influencers
  • Come up with your own idea (just keep it silly and safe for work)

Choose Your Roles

  • CEO: The fearless leader and visionary
  • Sales: The smooth talkin’ deal-makers
  • Marketing: The creative masterminds with a knack for branding and content
  • Project Manager: Sharing screen, managing scoreboard, and keeping time. No public speaking required.
Feel free to come up with your own zany titles

Round 2

Minimum Viable Product

To-Do List

1. Make a copy of this pitch deck:

2. Fill it in with your startup’s:

    • Logo* & Company Name
    • Problem that you’re solving
    • Solution & Elevator pitch
    • Mission Statement (optional)

3. Add a link to your pitch deck to the scoreboard.

Round 3

Shark Tank

Time to Raise Funding!

CEO: Present your idea and pitch deck in less than 60 seconds.
We’ll poll the room to see who receives funding, and how much.
1 Vote = $1M in funding
May the best pitches win 🚀

Round 4

Deal or No Deal


  • Pitch a partnership/sale to another startup in under 60 seconds
  • Explain why a partnership/sale will benefit the other startup
  • Your prospect will raise objections
  • You have 30 seconds to counter those objections


  • After hearing the other startup’s proposal, respond with an objection. Explain why you don’t want this partnership/sale to happen.
Each team will get a chance to sell and buy.
We’ll run a poll after each exchange.
The winning side gets $1M per vote 💸

Round 5

PR Crisis

In Breakouts

Offense – Even # Teams
Build your Influencer
  • Who on your team will play the influencer?
  • What’s their name?
  • Platform? (TikTok, Twitter, talk radio, etc)
  • Audience? (gamer moms, teenage Olympians…)
  • Schtick? (NFT dealer, van-lifer, latte artist, etc.)
  • What gripe do they have with the defending startup? (a product flaw, ethical concern, or edgy scandal, etc)
Defense – Odd # Teams
Craft a PR Strategy
  • List ways you could respond to any possible attacks
  • Decide who (in Marketing) will defend the brand
  • Evaluate potential holes in your product


  • CEO: Introduce your company
  • Influencer: Tell us who you are and explain your gripe with the defending startup
  • CEO: Respond to the complaints and salvage your brand’s public standing


We’ll run a poll after each exchange.

The winning team gets $1M per vote 💸

Round 6

Memes FTW!

In Breakouts

Create a viral meme to market your startup.
You can use this meme generator to design one:
Add the link for your meme to the Scoreboard.
We’ll run a poll after each pitch.

The winning team gets $1M per vote 💸

Any way we could improve Startup Battle?
Let us know!