The Holiday Miracle!

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Just the facts

Settle in for the modern holiday variety show, with a cast of charismatic entertainers!

Two hosts will show up to dazzle your team and get them chatting, laughing and feeling the holiday cheer, with more special guests joining over the event to entertain your team with talents and interaction throughout.


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Great Hosts = Actually Fun

Designed To Promote Team Bonding

Tailored & Exclusive

Employees Choose Their Own Adventure

The Overview

Picture an old-school holiday variety show, featuring a cast of characters to entertain your team with talents and interaction throughout.

To kick off, as we gather there’s time for a leader to speak, plus ice breakers to get folks talking in small groups – we’ll seamlessly whisk them in and out of breakout rooms, so that everyone gets to relax and enjoy the party (yes, even the organizers!).

After this, your team will meet the two energetic and festive hosts. This is when we realize that something is not quite right…the hosts are in pajamas, the decorations aren’t up and the special guests are lost! It’ll take your team to save this holiday party!

Your team will be led through fun & festive activities to decorate their Zoom squares for the party, and solve puzzles that help the Special Guests arrive on time. The hosts will have an epic costume change, and will be forever grateful for your team’s help.

And finally, your Special Guest(s) will arrive for the main performance: choose from spellbinding magicians, hilarious stand-up comics, musicians, or drag performers.

More games, challenges and ice breakers happen throughout, and we’ll end by inviting everyone to share appreciations!

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"Let's go to the flow chart..."

Time Activity
10 Minutes
Home Room (meet your MCs, ice breakers, short speech from an exec)
30 Minutes

Fun breakouts and festive team games

20 Minutes
Special guest performance
10 Minutes
Small group breakouts
10 Minutes
Closing (favorite moments, takeaways, plus a little surprise)
Total: 1.5 hours

How do I book?

Click the button below to fill out our contact form. We’ll reach out to you to confirm.

Then, we’ll create an event landing page that you can share with your team.

The day of the party, your host will meet everyone in the home room and get the party started!

Remote All-Staffs &
Holiday Parties

Why You'll Have A Blast

Ah, so you’re wondering how this whole “virtual party” thing goes down. Here’s exactly what teams like yours love about it:

Fail-proof formula

Firstly, you should know that us virtual party experts use our fail-proof party formula that works for any company (up to 1,000 employees at a time). This means a stress-free experience for those of you brave souls actually planning your virtual holiday party, because we’ve got it from here.

Custom holiday party design & webpage

You’ll get to design your perfect virtual holiday party with your own Virtual Experience Specialist, and will get a custom event webpage with a schedule, activity descriptions, and room links. The day of the party, your host will meet everyone in the Home Room, will explain the event’s flow and Theme Rooms, and then kick things off.

Festival-style holiday party

Our virtual holiday parties are festival-style, meaning there are different sessions with events to choose from, and everyone chooses their own adventure. We have multiple facilitators running the awesome Theme Rooms, so everyone will have something to celebrate.

Easy booking

Our virtual holiday parties are ridiculously easy to book. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll hop on a quick call to get your date and time, group size, and your “top request” Theme Rooms (you can also mark any rooms you definitely don’t want).

See what they say:

Have Questions?

We try to keep things as hands-free for you as possible!

Lots of companies will send out food and drinks ahead of time (or gift cards from a site like Hoppier, so your people can buy what they want).

We’ll share the ingredients list for our cocktail making at the start of the session, which is an easy-to-make drink to get us in the mood to party. 

Other than that, festive attire is welcomed, and we’ll handle it all from there!

Yep! If you opt to add additional Special Guests, we’ll add 15 minutes for each guest, so you get plenty of comedy, magic, or whatever you want to wow your team with!

The beauty of our variety show format is that there’s really something for everyone.

Last year our clients included some of the biggest names in tech, healthcare, law and business, who trusted Kabloom’s funky hosts would be the perfect way to celebrate the holidays!

Your experience specialist will work with you to design a schedule that appeals to a variety of team members.

Once you send in a request, we’ll reach out within 1 business day to help you!

We’ll set up a chat and demo with one of our hosts, who can walk you through what this event looks like. Bring any key decision makers to the call, so they can get sold on how fun this’ll be too 😉

We’ll follow up with more info, then our booking specialist will answer any further questions and assist with scheduling and secure online payment.

We’ll be in touch leading up to the event, and share a custom landing page that you send to your team (however you normally invite them to events).

On the day of, show up ready for fun, and our host will take it from there!

To make it super easy (and ensure that everyone gets what they want), we recommend using Hoppier!

With Hoppier, you can send virtual gift cards to everyone ahead of time that they can redeem on Grubhub, Uber Eats, Drizly and more!


For groups up to 60 people, our pricing is $40 USD/person, with a $2000 minimum for December.

For groups larger than 60 people, it becomes less than $40/person :slightly_smiling_face:

Get in touch for exact pricing!

To Book: Start Here!

We’ll be in touch within 1 day to learn more about your team 🙂 

Not sure yet? Get a free 15 min demo and meet one of us here.