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An online comedy show to bring your team together

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We could use a laugh right now...

We work with our favorite virtual stand-up comedians who are GUARANTEED to crack your team up (because, let’s face it — we all need to laugh right now).

Your comedian MCs have been performing corporate comedy for years and will put on a Zoom comedy show like you’ve never seen!

They’ll involve your team, and get them to talk, share, and ask questions throughout.

Tell Me More…

We’ll be honest: it’s been a weird couple years.

Heavy news everywhere. A freaking pandemic. And working from home? It’s just tough!

Suffice to say, we know your team isn’t bonding and laughing like they did back in the office. 

Let alone the poor new hires who’ve never even met the team IRL! They’re dealing with an extra level of disconnectedness (is that a word?).

And when you do get the team on a call, it’s all work and no play…So you google “virtual team building ideas.”

Look, there’s a MILLION remote team building companies out there…

You’ve got online cheese tasting classes, virtual murder mystery parties…There’s even virtual goat yoga.

Sadly, these aren’t a one-size-fits-all affair.

…Not everyone loves dressing up and role playing for murder mysteries

…Not everyone loves cheese (but let’s not talk about that…)

If there’s one thing we CAN agree on, though? It’s that everyone likes to laugh.

Imagine getting your team on a plain old video call and surprising them with a hilarious, professional stand-up comic…

…someone guaranteed to bring out smiles

…to create joy and laughter

…and bring your remote team closer together

Whew. Doesn’t that sound like what we all need right now? Let’s make it happen.

Standard Structure

Time Activity
5 Minutes
30 Minutes
Stand-Up Comedy Show with TWO comics
10 Minutes
Q&A - life as a working comic
Joke Karaoke - show off your comic skills!
Total: 45 Minutes

TLDR: yes! This is a 100% workplace-friendly virtual stand-up comedy show.

We only work with pros who have been performing corporate comedy for years, and will put on a Zoom comedy show like you’ve never seen.

We know there are comics who might make you laugh hysterically in a dark comedy club after work…

…but they’ll turn you (and more importantly, HR) beet red during a work call.

(Have you ever seen Bob Saget’s stand up? Yup. It is “capital R” Raunchy. No traces of family man Danny Tanner here.)

So, choosing the wrong comic can really backfire, especially if the comic is divisive (getting into politics, religion) or just plain inappropriate for the workplace!

No bueno. Choose Kabloom for peace of mind here 🙂

When hosting a virtual comedy show for a corporate team, it’s important to find a comic who is:

  • Inclusive of all
  • Family-friendly (your team may have kids within earshot)
  • And steers clear of anything racy, off-color, or otherwise too edgy for the workplace


Take it from us: comics who aren’t used to the corporate world have wildly different standards of what’s appropriate!

Yes! Your comedian/MC will involve your team, getting them to talk, share, and ask questions throughout. 

We encourage everyone to keep their cameras on and mics unmuted, so there is audible laughter and visible smiles 🙂

Once you send in a request, we’ll reach out within 1 business day to help you via email!

Our booking specialist will answer any questions and assist with scheduling and secure online payment.

We’ll be in touch leading up to the event, and share a Zoom link that you just send to your team (however you normally invite them to events).

On the day of, show up ready for fun, and our host will take it from there!

Sure! Our pricing starts at $30 USD/person + gratuity, with an $800 minimum.

There are discounts for teams of 50+, nonprofits, and return clients 😊 

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