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Thriller! Halloween Party

Dearest souls, this Halloween season, your presence is requested at the most haunted of affairs: our immersive Thriller!

This ghoulish fête dares your team to collaborate and create monsters, ghostly tales, and sharing their childhood fears (think quicksand, or the dog from Sandlot).

Thriller! is all new for 2022, with games and activities designed to engage and appeal to a variety of personality types, from thoughtful introverts to the most horror-movie-loving extroverts. 

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A ghoulish overview

Join the party to meet your costumed host (who exudes the perfect mix of “creepy storyteller” and “fun party host”) with eerie sounds and music playing, while spotlighting any Halloween costumes present.

You’ll hear a fearsome tale about the horrors that befell a team much like your own, on a day much like today…

Then it’s time for your first breakout question: what’s something you found scary as a child? (think: ghosts, the dark, quicksand, or that dog from the Sandlot)

Our next activity will be based on the classic parlour game “exquisite corpse,” in which your team will draw different grotesque parts that will combine to reveal a swarm of spooky creatures. We’ll vote on our favorite, and 3 people will win.

Next it’s time for ghost stories. We’ll first use breakout rooms to share our own ghost stories (you’ll be surprised what people have seen).

After this, the host will tell a hair-raising story and share what makes for a truly chilling tale.

Your team will then bring all these elements together to create their own classic scary stories in small groups, and perform them for one another.

Finally, your host will cleanse the space from any lingering spirits or ghostly apparitions, and pose a group reflection on what everyone found were their favorite team moments of the day.

Event Structure

Time Activity
10 minutes

Meet your ghost host, show off costumes

5 Minutes
Breakout: your silly childhood fears
15 Minutes
Exquisite corpse drawing
5 Minutes
Breakout: have you seen a ghost?
15 Minutes
Ghost story writing
10 Minutes
Reflections + wrap up

Total: 60 Minutes

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Have Questions?

Nope! Costumes are welcome though 🙂 All you need to do is join the call, and your haunted host will take it from there, handling all the tech of moving your team into breakout groups as needed.

The default length for this event is 60 minutes, but we can run it as a shorter session too.

It’s designed to have something for everyone, from your most introverted engineers to the most extroverted Halloween-ophiles 😊

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