Virtual Holiday Parties. Done Right.

The Virtual Holiday Party for Remote Teams

Great Hosts = Actually Fun

Designed To Promote Team Bonding

Tailored & Exclusive

Employees Choose Their Own Adventure

It's party time

Let’s address the elephant in the room: standard corporate holiday parties can be a bit of a snooze-fest. 

Give your team a real reason to celebrate this holiday season with an incredibly epic virtual holiday party (that doesn’t suck). 

We know how much you really care about your virtual team, and since you’re here, you’re probably looking to plan a next-level virtual holiday party that’s truly fun for everyone. 

Well, get ready to deck the halls and raise a glass of bubbly, because that’s where we come in.

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Bring your team
together from anywhere.

Who would have thought working from home would become permanent? While there are many perks to being part of a virtual team (like setting up the perfect home-office, or taking video calls with sweatpants on), it can be tough for everyone to really feel like a team. When everyone is working from home, things can get a little lonely. That’s no way to feel this holiday season.

That’s why it’s more important now than ever before to bring your team together, to really celebrate the end of the year, and one another. And there’s no better way to do that than with a virtual holiday party.

Get your team genuinely engaged, boost enthusiasm and morale, encourage organic team building, and give everyone the chance to unwind and celebrate joyfully, no matter the size of your team or where in the world they’re located.

Standard Structure

Time Activity
10 Minutes
Home Room (welcome, ice breakers, time for short speech from an exec)
45 Minutes
Session A - Theme Rooms (plus Home Room stays open)
5 Minutes


45 Minutes
Session B - Theme Rooms (plus Home Room stays open)
10 Minutes
Closing (favorite moments, takeaways, plus a little surprise)
Total: 2 hours

How do I book?

Just click the button below and fill out our contact form. Then we’ll hop on a quick call to learn more (your date and time, group size, and your Theme Rooms). Then, we’ll create an event landing page that you can share with your team.

The day of the party, your host will meet everyone in the Home Room, and explain the event’s flow and Theme Rooms, then let the party go!

The Virtual Holiday Party for Remote Teams

How it Works

Ah, so you’re wondering how this whole “virtual party” thing goes down. Here’s exactly how it works:

Fail-proof formula

Firstly, you should know that us virtual party experts use our fail-proof party formula that works for any company (up to 1,000 employees at a time). This means a stress-free experience for those of you brave souls actually planning your virtual holiday party, because we’ve got it from here.

Custom holiday party design & webpage

You’ll get to design your perfect virtual holiday party with your own Virtual Experience Specialist, and will get a custom event webpage with a schedule, activity descriptions, and room links. The day of the party, your host will meet everyone in the Home Room, will explain the event’s flow and Theme Rooms, and then kick things off.

Festival-style holiday party

Our virtual holiday parties are festival-style, meaning there are different sessions with events to choose from, and everyone chooses their own adventure. We have multiple facilitators running the awesome Theme Rooms, so everyone will have something to celebrate.

Easy booking

Our virtual holiday parties are ridiculously easy to book. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll hop on a quick call to get your date and time, group size, and your “top request” Theme Rooms (you can also mark any rooms you definitely don’t want).

See what they say:

How it Works

Looking for an in-person
corporate holiday party?

Bay Area, LA, and NYC, we’ve got you covered.

Our virtual holiday parties are perfect for your team of remote superstars, but if you’re in one of our neighborhoods, we’re hyped to offer you in-person holiday parties. 

These IRL parties include all of the epic features of our virtual holiday parties, but in real life.

Kabloom will meet you at your office or venue of choice with a team of entertainers and run theme rooms with extra hands-on elements. (Think: getting your hands dirty by learning graffiti, belting it out on the mic for real, or getting a front-row seat to a live drag show.)

We’re pleased to offer our in-person corporate holiday parties in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City at this time.

Have Questions?

Depending on which Theme Rooms you book, there may be things you’ll wanna prepare (like ingredients for the DIY Cocktail class, marker and paper for Graffiti Workshop, a tropical background for Virtual Vacation, etc). 

We’ll list all these at the top of your event landing page, so your team can take a look and prep before the party!

Yep, we can run this as a 1-hour party, where we combine all Theme Rooms into 1 session.

The beauty of the Party in a Box is that there’s really something for everyone.

Your experience specialist will work with you to design a schedule that includes Theme Rooms appealing to a variety of team members.

The rooms vary in terms of involvement/zaniness, so we can ensure it’s the right mix for your team 🥳

Once you send in a request, we’ll reach out within 1 business day to help you!

We’ll set up a chat and demo with one of our hosts, who can walk you through what this event looks like. Bring any key decision makers to the call, so they can get sold on how fun this’ll be too 😉

We’ll follow up with more info, then our booking specialist will answer any further questions and assist with scheduling and secure online payment.

We’ll be in touch leading up to the event, and share a custom landing page that you send to your team (however you normally invite them to events).

On the day of, show up ready for fun, and our host will take it from there!

To make it super easy (and ensure that everyone gets what they want), we recommend using Hoppier!

With Hoppier, you can send virtual gift cards to everyone ahead of time that they can redeem on Grubhub, Uber Eats, Drizly and more!


For groups up to 60 people, our pricing is $40 USD/person.

For groups larger than 60 people, it’s less than $40/person :slightly_smiling_face:

Get in touch for exact pricing!

To Book: Start Here!

We’ll be in touch within 1 day to learn more about your team 🙂 

Not sure yet? Get a free 15 min demo and meet one of us here.