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Virtual team building on the tropical island of your dreams

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How it Works

Hawaiian shirts are encouraged for this one. We all know you aren’t traveling as much as you want to be. So…can we bring a vacation to you?

Your energetic, quirky guide will get your team laughing and connecting, and working through fun challenges to problem solve, and get to know one another better.

This online team activity involves fun icebreakers, get-to-know-you games, and collaborative challenges and activities that foster trust, teamwork, self-expression, and a bunch of laughs.

We’ve designed this to be the perfect mix of activities to engage your whole team, from the typically introverted engineers to your most outgoing sales types 🙂

Tell Me More…

Your team joins the video call (in their best vacation wear, of course), and suddenly you’re transported to a tropical paradise, complete with island music, and a backdrop of palm tree dotted beaches 🌴

To kick things off, meet your host and get the low down: we’re on an island together, and will chill on the beach, playing some games and getting to know one another better, then we’ll need to figure out how to sail off the island.

Your trusty host will lead your team through a series of games that develop trust (psychological safety), and provide a place to share and collaborate.

We’ll use breakout groups that shuffle after each activity, so you get plenty of chances to work in small teams with lots of different folks. 

Because we use breakouts of groups of 4-8, we are able to accommodate big teams for this activity (even teams of 100+).

At the end, our host will wrap things up, give everyone a little treat, and say farewell — until our next journey!

Standard Structure

Time Activity
10 Minutes
Opening and meet your "captain"
10 Minutes
Icebreaker: favorite vacations
10 Minutes
Choose your vacation "alter ego"
15 Minutes
Oh Captain My Captain: nautical map challenge
15 Minutes
Design our ship's flag (small team activity)
8 Minutes
Bag Check
5 Minutes
Wrap up and farewell
Total: 75 Minutes

Alright, because you asked…

Note that this is a sample structure for a 75 minute session. Not every activity is played in every session.

For the opening activity we’ll share an easy ice breaker question, which everyone will answer in small breakout groups (Tell us about your favorite vacation — what made it special?).

It sounds simple, and it is! But you learn a lot about your team, based on what they consider important memories. You’ll hear about your team’s families, friends, and lives outside of the remote office, developing trust and giving space for all to share.

Then, we come up with silly alter egos for ourselves. Maybe today you’re Sweet N’ Low (as a kid you ate those sugar packets obsessively), or Sk8rbo1 (your first screen name) or Chef Boyardee (you love Italian cooking).

Rename yourself on Zoom, and that is your new identity for the rest of our time together! In brand new breakout groups (they’ll shuffle after each game), share the funny story behind your nickname!

Next we get into competitive games, where you’ll need to work in small teams on challenges.

Up first is Oh Captain My Captain, where your team will compete in an around-the-world seafaring scavenger hunt. Your mission is to circumnavigate the globe, stopping at 5 countries of your choosing along the way.

To get points, the countries need to check off a list we’ll share (things like: “a country where a teammate did a heroic act,” or “a country where a teammate honeymooned”).

Again, you’ll learn so much about your team, and everyone gets to bring their unique skills and life experiences to contribute. We’ll choose one route as the winner, and that map will guide us as we set sail.

But first, we must design a flag to fly on our ship. In small groups, you’ll use an online whiteboard to collaborate and design an epic flag that represents your team. All teams will show these off, and we’ll vote on one to represent us as we set sail.

Finally, we play a game we call Bag Check. The premise is this: we all packed one sentimental item in our luggage for the trip — what was it?

You have 30 seconds to go find something special to show off to the group that you’ve “brought” on vacation. (This is often a family heirloom, photos, a trophy, even a pet or a kid!)

We like this one because it’s as silly or sentimental as each person wants to take it, and there are often really sweet shares.

Now I know that these activities may sound easy to self-run, and they are

if you have an amazing, charismatic host, with expert Zoom skills. With Kabloom, you’re making the wise decision of bringing in an pro facilitator to seamlessly run this session.

We’ll ensure everyone gets to participate, the games run smoothly, and that your team leaves with big smiles on their faces, grateful they got to play and connect 🙌

Your team is encouraged to show up wearing their best vacation wear, and set up a tropical virtual background so they can join us on the island (we’ll send you some backgrounds that your team can download and use).

If bringing an adult beverage fits with your company culture, fine by us! 🍹

Sure! We can run this anywhere from 45-75 minutes.

We do recommend the full 75 minutes if you have the time (especially if you’re only doing team events quarterly), as it allows more chances for everyone to share, talk and laugh.

Honestly, the Virtual Vacation works across the board — this one has a little friendly competition for the competitive folks, some laughs for the goofballs, and some opportunities for meaningful connection and discussion for those looking to really bond.

We do! You’ll find that our pricing is already competitive, and there are sadly not many companies doing what we do (meaningful team building that develops team psychological safety, and is just plain fun).

We have discounts for return clients, nonprofits, groups of 50+, and universities. Let us know if budget is a concern for you, and we’ll see what we can do.

Once you send in a request, we’ll reach out within 1 business day to help you via email!

Our booking specialist will answer any questions and assist with scheduling and secure online payment.

We’ll be in touch leading up to the event, and share a Zoom link that you just send to your team (however you normally invite them to events).

On the day of, show up ready for fun, and our host will take it from there!

Sure! Our pricing starts at $30 USD/person + gratuity, with a $500 minimum.

There are discounts for teams of 50+, nonprofits, and return clients 😊 

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