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Team Yoga

Stress is a real problem we have to consider and manage – especially when working remote. While there are many amazing team-building activities to choose from, if your staff is experiencing overwhelm, they might need some TLC on the wellness front.

This is simple yoga class led by an attentive and approachable facilitator. This can go a long way in helping your team reduce physical and mental stress.

Get in the flow

This is a flow-based yoga class, which involves moving with the breath through a series of motions that promote flexibility, strength and inner stillness. Walk away feeling light and inspired with a 45-minute session that nourishes the soul and invigorates the body.

Are some members new to yoga? Your instructor will bridge the gap for newcomers and those with lots of experience. Classes are open and accessible to all skill levels.

Oh… and our yoga classes are fun and interactive! We make space for attendees to be their authentic selves, ask questions, and get creative.

With so much of our work days spent analyzing and problem solving – this class allows you and your team to forget about the endless to-do list and enjoy a fun break to relax and decompress.

A Yoga Class for You

Starting to feel those long hours working at your home office? We’ve curated our classes with specific yoga poses to counter the sedetary nature of remote work, as well as the pain or discomfort that can come with WFH (lookin at you, hard kitchen chair).

Don’t worry – we won’t make you twist up into a pretzel or balance your whole weight on two fingers. Instead, enjoy a class that can be gentle for those who need it… and advanced for those who want a challenge.

Over multiple sessions, we can tune up your team’s yoga class based on feedback and experience level.


Time Activity
5 minutes

Welcome and Overview

35 minutes
Yoga Flow
5 minutes
Conclude with Wrap Up, Sharing, Takeaways & Farwell
15 minutes
Wellness Reflection / Co-Blooming (Optional)

Total: 45-60 Minutes

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“Steph instructed an excelled private class for our office retreat. She accommodated all skill levels which made for a rejuvenating morning after a long night of work. I would definitely recommend Steph for all of your yoga needs”.
~Morgan M.

“Steph is incredibly committed to her students and is an inspirational and present teacher. The first time I took a class with her I was hooked!”
~Cristina C.

Co-Blooming Add-On

Want to incorporate opportunities to connect amongst the team? No problem. Simply add our ‘Co-Blooming’ activity to your experience to give folks the chance to reflect, listen and share before or after the class.

Bundles & Memberships

The best practice is a regular one. The beauty is: our classes and connection activities will change every session that you have with us – making sure each experience is feeling fresh and new.

We offer bundles so that your team can develop their practice and its benefits. Over multiple sessions, your host will tailor their teaching style, flow and activities based on your team’s need –all while saving money with price breaks (see below).

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Have Questions?

Participants are encouraged to bring anything that allows them to feel supported in their practice. A yoga mat is strongly encouraged.

Some other optional props that used in a yoga practice are blocks, straps, bolsters and/or blankets. If you don’t have these props, common household items can be used such as large books, a scarf or belt from a robe, pillows or towels.

Classes can be tailored to the needs of the group. If participants have a specific focus they’d like to work on in class, suggestions and requests are welcome. Music is also optional for each group and will be offered at the start of each session.

If there are no specific requests, sequences will be created and will vary from class to class. If there is a request the group would like to work on over multiple days (i.e. twisting for a few sessions), the sequences will be different each meeting but will work on the same skill or muscle group.

Submit a contact form with more info and a dedicated Account Manager will get back to you to find available times, tailor the experience for your team, and answer any questions you have.

If you want like a bundle or recurring event just let us know and we’ll get you all setup!

Thanks for asking! The price will be a flat rate depends on the size of your group

Here’s our breakdown of pricing tiers by headcount:

Team (under 30): $465

Department (31-80): $765

Company (81+): $1265


Co-blooming Add-On

(15-minute wellness check-in)

+ $75 per class


Bundle Pricing

3 Classes
Team (up to 30 guests): $400 per class
Department (31-80): $700 per class
Company (81+): $1200 per class

6 Classes
$345 per class
$645 per class
$1145 per class

9 Classes
$300 per class
$600 per class
$1100 per class

You can! Just book some time to chat with us and we can build out a custom Recurring Yoga Package for you. You pricing will be based on frequency, length, and headcount.

Worried your yogi might overuse “hippie clichés” with a team of engineers?

We get it. There’s a wide range of comfort levels around things seen as mystical or “woo woo”. And some folks may prefer a more logical type of yoga class.

Our Yogi is not only adept at balancing on one leg, but she’s also a master at meeting your team where they are and has years of experience teaching corporate teams.

We keep the language of the event culturally universal, and our instructor will adapt to the vibe of your group. This way everyone can feel welcome!

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