Cocktail classes, karaoke nights, and wellness retreats used to be events reserved for in-person meet ups. But with the global shift to all things WFH and virtual, we knew a dramatic shift was also needed when it came to doing the fun stuff as well. 

That’s where our virtual experiences come into play. And they go so far beyond virtual happy hour (which is fun and all, but a little overplayed by this point).

And not to toot our own horn, but when it comes to virtual experiences, we’ve absolutely mastered the craft. Are you really gonna find anyone else offering an entire Pride festival as a virtual experience? We don’t think so. 

Whether you’re a key decision-maker or an essential part of a team, this post is for you. Our virtual experiences are designed to be ridiculously fun, and to bring your team closer together. 

And after the absolute wringer the pandemic put us through, and the way it scattered our teams, it’s safe to say just about everyone could benefit from having virtual experiences on the calendar.

If you want to give your team the incredible virtual experience they deserve but you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a complete rundown of our virtual experiences, so you can pick your favorite for your next event.


Our Virtual Experiences (Your Team Is Guaranteed To Love)


DIY Cocktail Class

This event will have you raising a glass. Led by a knowledgeable craft bartender, your team will learn how to make delicious seasonal beverages using easy-to-find ingredients. 

That’s not all. They’ll also learn how to properly taste alcohol, learn a bit about how alcohol is produced, and will even craft no-heat syrup. There’s also a non-alcoholic option available. 

This event is perfect for teams who love happy hour, who enjoy hands-on work, and who want to unwind and have some fun together. 


Wellness Retreat

Breathe in, breathe out. This nourishing health & wellness retreat is designed to help your employees relax, decompress, and learn some essential self-care practices. It’s the perfect getaway for teams and companies that want to promote health in the workplace.

Similar to Party in a Box, this is a festival-style event, where multiple rooms can run at the same time. Events can include team yoga, meditation, guided walk, or breathwork.

This event is perfect for teams who want to promote health in the workplace, and who could benefit from some self-care and wellness practices. 


Virtual Team Yoga

Namaste the stress away with a virtual vinyasa flow specifically designed to soothe and uplift. This simple class is perfect for seasoned yogis and beginners alike, and it’s led by an attentive and approachable facilitator.

This virtual experience is perfect for teams who could use a little help with stress reduction, and who want to unwind.


Graffiti Workshop

There’s much more that goes into graffiti than you might think. This dynamic experience includes a graffiti history lesson, virtual street art tour, and a hands-on graffiti masterclass with a renowned street artist.

Your team won’t just sit back and watch. They’ll be encouraged to pull out the paper and markers to follow along as your artist shares their screen. 

Who knows, you might even walk out with your own tagging hand-style and signature.

This event is perfect for creative teams, or for sparking creativity. 


Kickoff Social

Whether you’re celebrating a new quarter or a bunch of new hires, this event is designed to get everyone excited about new beginnings. Your team will socialize with fun and interactive activities where everyone recognizes each other’s accomplishments, sets goals, and gets to know each other better.

This event wraps up with a vision board, where everyone sets their goals going forward. 

The Kickoff Social is perfect for kickoff events, marking events on the calendar, or wowing your new employees with a memorable onboarding experience. 


Magic Show

You won’t believe your eyes during this virtual experience. A spell-binding illusionist will wow your team with a high-tech blend of card tricks, mentalism and sleight of hand.

This event doesn’t require you to do much, and all you have to do is show up and be amazed. If you bring some playing cards, you’ll be able to follow along with some tricks.

This virtual experience is perfect for teams who could use some world-class entertainment.


Party in a Box

If you can’t decide on just one of our awesome offerings, and you want to go all-out for your team, then Party in a Box is the way to go. This is our fail-proof virtual experience formula, which will completely wow your team.

This is a festival-style online party, where everyone can choose-their-own-adventure. You get to have multiple theme rooms running at the same time, and your team can choose what activities they participate in. 

This event is great for teams of all shapes and sizes, and can be run as a 2-hour event, or 75-minute event.


Pride Fest

June is Pride Month, and to celebrate, we’re offering a whole roster of events, specifically with Pride in mind. Our all-out event is Pride Fest, which is similar to our Party in a Box. It’s a multi-experience event, where you can combine any of our pride offerings together, for the ultimate Pride celebration. 

Wondering about our Pride offerings? We have a ton! They include LGBT Pride Party, Drag Bingo, Drag Show, Pride Trivia, Drag King Experience, Behind the Scenes with a Queen, Drink & Drag, Castro Pride Tour, and Pride Karaoke.    

These virtual events are perfect for teams who want to celebrate Pride, and their LGBTQ+ team members.   


Pub Trivia Quiz

This event will make it feel like you’ve stepped directly into the pub for a hilarious and competitive virtual quiz game. Your people will break off into teams, will create team names, and then will face off in trivia.

Topics include history, movies, TV, music, pop culture, sports, and more. You’ll keep playing themed rounds until one team is crowned the winner.

This event is perfect for teams who love a little friendly competition. 


Stand Up Comedy

Who couldn’t use a laugh? Your team will be absolutely losing it, thanks to your two all-star comedian hosts. They’ll put on an awesome (and HR-friendly) stand-up comedy show, before answering some Q&A about life working as a comic. 

Your hosts will get your team involved, asking them questions and getting them to share throughout the show. There’s also an optional Joke Karaoke portion, where your people have the opportunity to show off their own comedic abilities. 

This event is perfect for teams who love to laugh.


Startup Battle

Launching a startup doesn’t have to be a far-fetched dream. With this virtual experience, your people will work in teams, competing in awesome creative challenges. 

To kick things off, your host will start off with stories of successful tech disruptors we’ve all heard about (like Uber and Airbnb). Then, each team will get a focus from our list of goofy startup ideas, and they’ll create their brand, complete with company name and pitch deck.

Team members will present their desks, and will even get hit with a “PR Crisis” they need to navigate. 

This event is great for not only sharing a laugh, but also for flexing communication and problem-solving skills.


Team Improv Games

This awesome interactive improv comedy class will take everyone through a series of Zoom-friendly improv games. These activities are specifically designed to boost team bonding, foster a stronger sense of connection, and to give everyone the opportunity to practice their interpersonal communication.

This event is great for groups looking to boost morale and crack some belly-aching laughs with each other. 


Virtual Karaoke Club

Get ready to belt like the karaoke club days of years past. This event is led by an energetic host, who will keep the party moving and the vibes supportive, which is key for this type of event.

Your MC will welcome everyone, and will help your team find songs, and take the stage.

This virtual experience is perfect for teams who love karaoke night, and who want to let loose and have fun. 


Virtual Vacation

You don’t have to head to the tropics to enjoy a vacation. This event is like a big game. Your host will kick things off with island music and a pristine backdrop, before breaking things down:  we’re on an island together, and we need to figure out how to get off it.

Your host will lead your people through awesome games, and they’ll have space to share and collaborate. 

This event is great for team bonding, and for giving your people an all-around fun experience.