If you’re fresh out of virtual team building ideas, we hear you. 

Keeping up with virtual team building for all of this time has been no small undertaking, but it’s been hugely important. Because to put it bluntly, your virtual team wants, needs, and craves awesome virtual team build activities.

While there are plenty of great things about working remotely (like having more schedule flexibility and saving on commuting times) having permanently scattered squads comes with its challenges.

For example, we know that across the board, work relationships are suffering, and that there are some universal communication challenges. Ouch.

Whether you’re a veteran employee or new hire, it’s pretty tough. Just think about it: when you’re on a virtual team, you basically never get time to get to know your people in a relaxed setting, unless there’s virtual team build activities on the schedule.

With all of that being said, let’s get into it. We previously told you about 10 great virtual team building ideas, so here’s 9 more. 


Virtual Yoga

Breathe in, breathe out. Whether you feel stress from the workday or your personal life, or you’re generally pretty at-ease, almost everyone can benefit from virtual yoga. That’s why it’s one of our favorite virtual team building ideas.

Especially while working remotely, managing work stress can be a big challenge. It’s much more difficult to step away from work for the day when your office is in your house, for example. 

So one of the best activities for an overwhelmed staff? Virtual yoga. 

Virtual yoga classes give your team the chance to move their bodies, regulate their stress with their breath, and find their individual peace, together.

Whether your people are experienced yogis or first-time practitioners, these classes can be suitable for everyone. 


Virtual Meditation Class

Health and wellness activities are very much “in,” and meditation can be a powerful tool for reducing stress, finding clarity and focus, and feeling empowered.

Meditation is really an investment in mental health, and guided meditations can give your team the personal tools to support their own well-being. This practice can be especially great for overwhelmed teams, and can help reduce stress, and cultivate a more peaceful and healthy work environment. 

During this event, an expert will lead your team through a thoughtful meditation practice that’s perfectly suited for virtual teams. 


MTV Cribs: Virtual Team Edition

Who doesn’t remember MTV Cribs, the iconic show from the early 2000’s, where we got to see inside the homes of celebrities? This edition for remote teams can be a great way to kick off a meeting, or help people get a mid-meeting boost. 

Here’s how it goes: your team does their best celebrity impressions, and shows off their house, selfie-style. You can choose one remote member as the “celebrity” per meeting, and have them host their own selfie-style TV show episode, where they can show off whatever objects they’d like to showcase.

We recommend the “celebrity” join the meeting by phone, so they’re not walking around with their laptop in hand.


Team Improv Games

Nothing can break the ice and get energy moving quite like improv can, and this version is perfect for remote teams.

This event will take your team through a series of collaborative improv games that are perfectly designed for Zoom. The activities are also designed to improve team bonding, give everyone the opportunity to practice their interpersonal communication skills, and cultivate a stronger sense of communication between your remote team.

Not only is this activity great for boosting morale, it can be downright hilarious.


Marco Polo Check-In

Logging online for the day can be a bit of a drab affair when everyone is remote. Instead of simply slipping online, have everyone use Marco Polo, our favorite video messaging app, where you can record and send short videos.

Think of it like a video walkie-talkie. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Have everyone download the app, and add everyone on your team to a group.
  2. Every morning, record a message with the day’s check-in / prompt.
  3. Then invite everyone to respond with their own fun video.

Looking for some fun video prompt ideas? You can ask your people to describe their morning in one word, ask what people had for breakfast, or have them sing their favorite song. This activity is meant to be lighthearted and fun, and ultimately just give everyone some facetime as the day gets started. 


Virtual Magic Show

Houdini is in the house with this wildly entertaining event. Yes, virtual magicians are very much a thing, and when this event is done right, it’ll totally stun your audience.

With this event, you can have a world-class illusionist put on an incredible show that blends card tricks, mentalism and sleight of hand. These performers are super engaging, and make sure that everyone gets involved.

And the best part? Your audience can bring playing cards, to follow along with some of the tricks. Some of your team members might even be called on to help out with illusions.


Christmas in July

Who says holiday parties only have to happen during the holiday season? We know for a fact that everyone loves presents, including everyone on your virtual team. And yes, for this event, everyone will get care packages in the mail.

Here’s how it works:

  • You can run this event “Secret Santa” style, where each remote employee prepares a care package for another employee.
  • Have people fill out surveys with types of things they like. You can ask about dietary restrictions, or their favorite online store, for example. Or you can give your team total creative control.
  • Create a max budget, perhaps $25 + shipping.
  • Let your team know when the presents must arrive by.
  • You can all open your presents together on a fun video meeting call. Talk about a way to liven up the work day!


Virtual Lunch and Learn

For virtual teams, lunch doesn’t have to be a lonely affair. Instead, organize an interesting and inspiring “lunch and learn” session, where an expert or guest speaker comes in.

They can give a presentation while your team members eat at home. Think of it like a private TED Talk for your remote team.

Your speaker could be an outside expert you bring in, and they can talk about things related to your field, or other interesting topics. Here are some ideas:

  • Insights into communication skills
  • Motivation while working from home
  • Health & wellness topics
  • Non-work topics that are of interest

Your expert can also be someone internal from your own team, where they share a particular skill or something they’re passionate about.


Virtual Dance Party

Working from home usually means one thing: sitting in one place for most of the day. To get the energy moving, host a virtual dance party. This activity is particularly great for teams that are silly, love to perform, are into virtual karaoke, and if you want to liven up a stagnant video chat. 

Here’s how it goes:

  • Have the music ready when everyone logs on the call. You can have one employee DJing with a fun backdrop to set the mood. 
  • Get everyone dancing immediately – don’t let it become a wait-and-see event. This is also a great way to encourage everyone to be on time for a call.
  • You can use this event as a way to kickstart a meeting, as a mid-meeting break, or host a meeting that is simply a dance party.


Interested in planning an incredible virtual team build event for your virtual or hybrid team? We’re Kabloom, and we’re experts when it comes to virtual events for your all-star team. Contact us today so we can plan your perfect experience.