Virtual Wellness Events to counter burnout and decrease stress

Short, easy to follow practices to increase employee well-being

Our Health & Wellness offerings focus on helping remote team members work towards optimal health with a better approach to corporate wellness. We are on a mission to help reduce burnout and support employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

We offer highly curated and expert-led holistic classes that revolve around the well-being of both mind and body in order to cultivate a strong work-life balance. These innovative and accessible virtual self-care and wellness classes include meditation, breathwork, yoga, audio-only guided walk, and more.

Our Health & Wellness program encourages different ways for employees to develop healthy habits that build mental and emotional resilience, and can be easily integrated into their everyday lives.

Wellness Experiences

A nourishing health & wellness retreat to help your employees relax, decompress, and learn some essential self-care practices.

Choose from several unique wellness offerings like Team Yoga, Guided Meditation, Energizing Breathwork, a Guided Audio Walk, and more!

Our easy-to-follow guided practice will help your team members reduce stress in the workplace, find focus & clarity, and feel empowered in their personal well-being.

This easy-to-follow class will give your team boosted endorphins and stress relief, and leave them with a joy and laughter filled workout!

Give your team a chance to relax, breathe, and take some time in the day for a little self-care.

This is a great entry point for beginners and a healthy challenge for the more experienced yogis. Move with the breath through a series of poses that will build flexibility and strength, counter-balance long hours of desk work, and cultivate a sense of calm and stillness for your team.

With your team, take a rejuvenating break from the screen on our live guided audio walk.

Designed to be enjoyed from anywhere, this experience offers the physical benefits of movement, plus the mental reset of a guided meditation!

Boost your team’s energy with a unique class designed to increase clarity and focus.

Through a series of meditative breathing exercises (with elements of qigong and dynamic movement), your team will overcome exhaustion and fatigue – and have fun.

Invite deeper team connection and trust through this optional 15 minute add-on. 

During Co-Blooming your team will have a chance to reflect and share about their experience together and in small groups

Co-Blooming is available to add to any wellness offering. 

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