If there’s anything your team deserves, it’s employee appreciation. Especially after the whirlwind two years we’ve had since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which has left us all burned out and with bigger workloads, we can assure you that your team is craving recognition. 

Yes, there’s already a day dedicated to employee appreciation, but we say one day isn’t enough. And it’s likely that your team agrees. 

Employee appreciation should be an ongoing effort, and it can be with both small and big actions. And trust us, employee appreciation can make all of the difference when it comes to team morale.

No one likes when their hard work goes unnoticed, particularly during times of stress or challenges. 

So cheers to your team, and all the hard work they put in for your company. To celebrate them, here are 10 ways to show employee appreciation all year long.


1. Make Birthdays a Big Deal

One of our favorite ways to express employee appreciation: by remembering everyone’s birthday. This is a fairly simple act that can really go a long way. Making a big deal (or a small deal) of everyone’s individual birthday can really make your employees feel special. Bring in a sweet treat, have everyone else sign a card, or send out an appreciation email on your employee’s birthdays.

There’s something for everyone: even if someone is shy, you can privately wish them a happy birthday and give them a cupcake. 

Yes, there’s a day dedicated to employee appreciation, but it’s so important to show that appreciation all year long.


2. Celebrate Wins in a Visual Way

Employee wins shouldn’t go unnoticed, and most of the time, they probably do. In order to celebrate when your team accomplishes goals and hits milestones, create a visual representation for your team’s wins.

You can create a fun chart or display that shows when your team hits certain milestones, and make it known when you’re adding something to the visual display (such as sending out a fun email).


3. Resurrect Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes may have mostly gone the way of the dinosaur, but you can bring them back. Write notes expressing gratitude for certain efforts, or congratulating your team members on hitting certain goals. Your team is sure to feel appreciated, and might even pin them up at their desk.


4. Two Words: Free Food 

Ahhh, free office food. It’s one of the best ways to show employee appreciation, because everyone loves free food. Cater in lunch for the team, take everyone out for a bite, or organize a happy hour (beers on you).

This can be to mark a special occasion, but it’s even best when it’s just for no reason at all. Free sandwiches will definitely make everyone feel appreciated. 


5. Make Sure Your Perks Make Them Go “Wow”

Your employee perks should be something that your team brags about. Whether you help them with the costs of their commute, you increase flexibility around your WFH policy, or have a free snack pile with treats to keep them fueled through the day, touches like this will definitely let your team know that you care, and their hard work is noticed.


6. Focus on Wellness

When your team feels healthy, and good in their lives outside of work, they’re going to feel much better at work. Be cognizant of ways you can help your employees take care of themselves. Maybe offer free in-house yoga one day a week, bring in a meditation expert, hold sessions on stress reduction techniques, and ensure there are healthy snacks and treats available.

For virtual teams, you can offer programs such as virtual team yoga, and send them wellness care packages to their houses.


7. Make an Impact

When your team is able to do good together, they’re going to feel good together. Offer opportunities for volunteering and otherwise giving back to your local community. This might look like volunteering at your local housing program or food kitchen, working with school kids, or cleaning up your community.

Your team will love the chance to get out of the office and make a positive difference. Plus, you can treat everyone to lunch, and send out an email with fun group photos, to show everyone how their efforts are appreciated. 


8. Two More Words: Free Stuff

Employees love free stuff. And not just any free stuff, but nice company swag that they can actually put to use. Make work-from-home more fun with cozy company slippers or blankets. Send your in-person employees fleece jackets for those moments when the office is too cold. Company swag doesn’t have to be stuff that your employees toss into a drawer and never use again.

Pick items they can genuinely use, to really show how much you appreciate your team.


9. Organize Team Building Activities

Team building activities don’t have to make everyone cringe. Good team building can have a massive impact on workplace morale, and can revitalize a tired or scattered team. And these activities can be genuinely fun.

They’ll love belting it out at karaoke, going head-to-head in a pub quiz, or running around town for a scavenger hunt. You can also pick fun prizes, get everyone a round of beer, or include some finger foods for the event. 


10. Or Make It Virtual

Of course, in-person team building is tough with a team that is virtual or hybrid. But that’s where virtual team building comes into play. Virtual team building events are just as fun as their in-person counterparts, and possibly even more fun (since you don’t really have to leave home to enjoy them). 


We’re something of experts when it comes to virtual team building activities, and some of our favorites include the virtual graffiti workshop, DIY cocktail class, and virtual stand up comedy. Virtual team builders are an incredible way to organize something fun for your people, that they’ll genuinely enjoy. Plus, they’ll feel more connected, uplifted, and like you really appreciate them.

Interested in learning more about how our team builders are perfect for showing employee appreciation? Contact us today to schedule a demo.